Jim Hereford works as an entrepreneur

Jim Hereford works as an entrepreneur and businessman in the telecommunications industry. He lives and works in Spokane, Washington. Jim Hereford is the founder of a family-run company in the telecommunications industry called Fiber Net Inc. He is also the Chief Executive Officer, or CEO, of the company. It truly is a family-oriented business too, with his brother Jed, and his father, Ed, also working for the firm. The headquarters of Fiber Net Inc. is in Spokane, Washington, and there is another office located in Denver, Colorado.

Fiber Net Inc. specializes in the placement of fiber optic cables and directional drilling services, both of which are specialized services. Fiber optic cables have received increased attention over the past couple of years and as a result, these specialized services are in higher demand. This had led to Fiber Net Inc. working with the giants of the telecommunications industry, including AT&T, Verizon, and Century Link.

The high quality workmanship that Fiber Net Inc. offers certainly has something to do with the company’s overall success. On-site services all year round is offered to every single client. Using only high quality services has been central to Fiber Net Inc’s path to success, too.

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